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Our Covid-19 Story Living History Project

The CSCC Library is starting an archive to collect our stories and our experiences of life during Covid-19, and to allow our community to share those experiences with each other.

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Our Story Living History Project

Much of what we know about our past comes from everyday people.  People like us.  We share our thoughts, and our pictures, and all the bits and pieces of our lives.  We feel most like sharing our lives when there is something major going on.

Covid-19 has influenced everyone's life.  Whether people are working from home, helping children complete homework, completing their own school work in a different way, or suddenly having the time and energy to do a lot of work around their homes, things are different.

All the things that we have been doing as a community, as families, and as individuals paint a picture of how CSCC weathered, and grew, and changed during the Covid-19 Pandemic.  As a library we are curious to find out about everyone else's experience!

That is where the idea for the Our Story Living History Project came from.  This Project is about giving our Community a place to share their experience.  And to see what the experiences of other people in our community has been by making some of the survey's, journals, objects, and digital items available as a library collection.  Share what you want to share and enjoying seeing some of what people you know shared!

So how will all of this work?  How do we share Our Story?

First we reach out to anyone who wants to be part of this project, and make it as easy as we can for anyone who wants to participate.  This Project isn't about us this library, but US the CSCC community!  That means that the more responses we get, the better the project is going to be!

After you've decided to donate something, or make a suggestion for something that should be archived, what happens next?  We have created a multitude of forms to allow you to make your submissions directly from this LibGuide.  For anything that can't be submitted via digital form, you can email the library to arrange the time and place of your donation that best suits your schedule. 

We would love to have as many donations are people want to contribute!  That means that you can submit multiple times for the same category, and at multiple times.  Do you want to submit a journal entry today that's great!  Then in another couple of weeks you have something else you want to share, please fill out another journal entry for us!

The last step of this project is what happens with your project submissions once they leave your hands?  The library plans to use these donated submissions in multiple ways.  One way is to digitize these items so that our entire CSCC community can see and enjoy each others experiences.  The library will also keep these project submissions in our archive so that researchers will have access to them years from now.

So you've decided that you want to Share Your Covid-19 Story.  There are lots of parts of your Covid-19 experience that you can share with us.  If you want to write about how it was to participate in school digitally that’s fine.  Or if you want to describe how your home life has changed, that’s a possibility as well.  Write up whatever part of your Covid-19 experience that you want to.  Lastly, provide us a picture, video, GIF, meme, etc. that expresses how you feel, or something you felt was important to your Covid-19 experience.  Did you want to share your new ‘office’ where you did school work?  How about your pet who helped you through your time at home?  Was there a meme or a video that you found particularly meaningful, or that was so funny it got you through a hard day?

Thank you for being willing to share your Covid-19 Story with us.  All you have to go is click on Collecting Our Story - Submit Here! to the left.  Then click on the tab that best describes how or what you want to share with us.  You'll find directions that will walk you through how to Share Your Story with us!