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Library FAQs

A list of frequently asked questions about the Cleveland State CC Library.

General Library FAQ

  • Where is the library located on campus?

    • The Library is indicated by the #9 and circled with red on the map below:

  • What are the library hours?

    • The library is open 8AM-6PM Monday-Thursday. During the Fall and Spring Semesters the library chat feature is staffed Monday-Thursday 9AM-12PM & 2PM-5PM and Friday 10AM-2PM. These hours are subject to change due to holidays, weather, and other situations. Check the library contact bar along the left side of this screen for the most up to date hours.

  • How do I check out an item from the library?

    • After you locate the item you would like to check out you bring it to the circulation desk at the front of the library and present your CSCC ID. Community members that are unaffiliated with the college will have to use a community library card, which can be obtained at the circulation desk.

    • In order to borrow equipment (Chromebooks, Calculators, Hotspots) you will need to present your CSCC ID and display your schedule which proves your enrollment for the semester you loan the equipment. 

  • How do I return an item to the library?

    • You can return books and other items to the front library desk. There is a drop box near the wall at the circulation desk for easy returns. There are also 2 drop boxes on campus where library materials may be returned. One is located between the Gym and Humanities building and one is located in front of the Career Education building.

    • Equipment must be returned to the library desk to prevent potential damage.

  • How can I renew the items I have loaned from the library?

    • You can renew your library items by asking at the circulation desk, calling us, emailing us, or by selecting the renew option on your library account. To renew items using your library account, go to the library catalog (Primo), log in using your CSCC credentials, click on "My Account," click the boxes next to the items you would like to renew and then select "Renew." Please remember that there are some items that are non-renewable.

  • How long can various items be checked out?

    • The lending period for the item depends on where the item is located and the type of item it is. The details for each item type can be found here.

  • Where can textbooks be purchased?

    • Textbooks can be purchased at the Campus Bookstore. Their website and contact information can be found here.

  • My instructor has reserved some items for my course. Where can I find these?

    • Course Reserves are kept behind the library front desk and are loaned for a limited amount of time. They may even be "library use only," which means they cannot leave the library. Simply ask the library staff to retrieve the item you need and check it out using your CSCC ID card. 

Online/Remote Access FAQ

  • How do I access library databases/articles from home?

    • Once you are logged in to CougarNet, go to the "Library" tab. Select Databases A-Z, eBook Collections or Guides A-Z. When you click on a database, you may be prompted to enter your CougarNet credentials again. You may also be asked to provide your phone number, which will allow you to receive an authentication code. After you have entered the authentication code, you should be redirected to the database and be able to access sources freely. Please note that if you switch to another database or exit the tab, you may need to enter your credentials and complete the authentication process again.

  • What if I am unable to log in?

    • If you are unable to log in to the library databases remotely, please contact the library immediately. We will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible. If the issue cannot be resolved quickly, we recommend utilizing Tennessee Electronic Library.

  • How do I receive library assistance off-campus?

    • You can always email the library staff at with any questions or concerns. We also have a library chat feature, which is staffed Monday-Thursday 9am-12pm and 2pm-5pm and Friday 10am-2pm.

  • Off-campus access not working - what now?

Print Periodical FAQ

  • How many periodicals are in the collection?

    • We currently subscribe to 68 periodicals. You can find a listing here.   

  • Where are the periodicals located?

    • They are placed alphabetically on shelving to the left as you enter the library. Popular titles are located on shelves against the wall outside the Library Café.

  • Do you carry newspapers in your collection?

    • Yes, click here to see see the papers available.

  • If I wanted to see if your library subscribed to a specific periodical, how would I locate this information if I’m not on campus?

  • If I need vital information from a periodical you no longer subscribe to, where could I locate this information?

    • It is possible we may have this on microfilm or microfiche. We may also be able to request the information via interlibrary loan.

  • What are the criteria for keeping prior issues?

    • Data is collected from the amount of usage, class assignments, and historical data. 

  • How long do you keep prior issues?

    • We keep several titles for one year, and many from five to ten years. Newspapers are kept for six weeks. 

  • What do you do with a periodical when it no longer contains essential information?

    • Each title goes through a standard withdrawal process designed through TBR. 

  • Can periodicals be checked out?

    • Yes, there is a one week check out period.  There is no limit as to how many you may check out.

Additional Assistance

  • For issues regarding Cleveland State computer accounts or student issues, please enter a Help Desk ticket or email
  • For help with Banner or related software and processes, please enter a Banner Help ticket or email
  • For help with Phone numbers, forwarding numbers, voicemail, or related issues, please enter a Phone Help ticket or email
  • For help with D2L, Online Instruction, or other Dynamic Instruction technical issues, please enter a Media Help ticket or email