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Pages Book Clubs

Have a look at anything related to our ongoing Pages Book Clubs. Be it for this semester or past semesters. It's all in one place!

Blind Date With a Book Club

Meetings are on Wednesday's in the Studio Connect room in the Library from approximately 3pm to 4pmWe will also have a Zoom meeting for anyone who cannot be with us on that particular day.

The dates of the meetings are:

First September, 16th - No reading, enjoy unwrapping your books and meeting your fellow Pages Book Club members!

Second September, 30th - Start reading the first third of your individual book.

Third October, 28th - Read the second third of your individual book.

Fourth November, 18th - Read the last third of your individual book.

The next meeting is the Third and will be on October, 28th.  Before this meeting you will read the second third of your individual book.

This semester we are offering the option of attending meetings virtually if you cannot be on campus during your Pages meeting.  If you would like the information for this Meeting please email the Pages Book Club Coordinator Tamara Greer ( or the library (

The CSCC Library is going to be doing things a little different with this Pages Book Clubs this semester.  In traditional Book Clubs everyone receives the same book to read and discuss.  With Blind Date With A Book Club you will be reading the same book as a few others in your group, but different books from some of the other people in your group.  Part of the fun of this Pages Book Club is going to be reading different books that are all in the same genre and finding out how they are similar and what surprising ways they are different!  Not only that, but you won't know which book you are going to be reading until the day of your first meeting.  It'll be like Christmas in September when everyone gets to open up their presents at the same time!

The theme of this semesters Blind Date With A Book Club is sci-fi/dystopian.

The point of these meetings is simply to allow everyone to read something that they might not ordinarily read and to then give them people to talk to about that.  If you want to sit back and listen that's an option as well.  Being part of the discussion can be pretty fun but not mandatory.  We just ask that if you feel comfortable talking and discussing the book, that you make sure that you give everyone the same opportunity to speak.

Please make sure that you take a minute to use our sign in sheet when you first get to the meeting.  These are particularly important if you are attending Pages meetings for extra credit.  Those sign in sheets are what we use to tell professors who has come to our meetings!

You will be receiving emails from the Pages Book Club coordinator in the library (Tamara Greer, a day or two prior to every meeting.  These emails will contain information about your meeting like time and meeting location, as well as what pages your reading and the Zoom link for that meeting.  If you have any questions about any of these at any time feel free to contact the Pages Book Club coordinator or any of your facilitators.

Most importantly, these Pages Book Clubs are supposed to be fun!  Meet some new people, or do something new with some friends you already have!  Happy reading!

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