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Pages Book Clubs

Have a look at anything related to our ongoing Pages Book Clubs. Be it for this semester or past semesters. It's all in one place!

Between the World and Me

Meetings are on Tuesday's online via Zoom Meeting from 5:30pm to approximately 6:30pm.

The dates of the meetings are:

 First Meeting September, 15th - No reading, enjoy meeting your fellow Pages Book Club members!

Second Meeting September, 29th - We're reading the first chapter of the book.  That includes pages 1 - 72.

Third Meeting October, 27th - Read chapter 2 before this meeting.  That includes pages 73 - 132.

Fourth Meeting November, 17th - Finish off the book before our last meeting!  That includes pages 133 - 152.

The next meeting is the Third and will be on October, 27th.  We will be reading Chapter 2, pages 73-132.

This meetings for this Pages Book Club will all occur digitally.  Please keep an eye on the email you provided when you signed up for the Pages Book Club.  No more than one week before the meeting is to take place you will receive an email with details pertinent to the next meeting, including a digital meeting link.  If you would need the information for this Meeting please email the Pages Book Club Coordinator Tamara Greer ( or the library (

This Pages Book Club is going to be our first all digital Pages Book Club (with the exception of the books themselves).  We are really excited about the new possibilities for our students!  This is also going to be our first meeting that is being held in the evening.  This is an amazing opportunity for students from all over campus (any of our campuses!) to get to meet new people.  The new digital format also allows us to try out some new ways of interacting within the Pages Group.

For instance, if you are part of this group not only are you going to be having your meetings on Zoom instead of in the library, but we are also setting up a myCS courses 'class' for our group.  There won't be any grades (thank goodness!) but myCS courses will give us the ability to talk to each other between meetings.  If you read something that really resonates with you and you just can't keep it to yourself until the next meeting, share it with the group!  If you are having trouble with a section then reach out and see what everyone else thinks.

This will also give us another place for Pages Book Club reminders like meeting times and digital links, and what pages we are reading to for that session.

The email, digital meetings, and discussion boards also offer our students and facilitators lots of places to ask questions.  Questions can be logistical or content related.

This Pages Book Club is going to be our first group that meets in the evening.  Meetings will start at 5:30pm.  We hope that this will allow some students and facilitators who haven't been able to participate before because life got in the way to join us this semester.

As with all of our other Pages Book Clubs, participation in a Pages Book Club is a good way to get possible extra credit (you may even get extra credit from more than one class)!  It also gives you a good opportunity to read and talk about a book and issues that you might not have a place to talk about anywhere else.

If you decide that this sounds like the Pages Book Club for you that's great!  We'd love to have you!  Just look for the tab on this page that says "Sign up for this Group".  Fill out a few boxes and our Pages administrator (Tamara Greer, will get back to you with all the details of the group and when you can come to the library and pick up your book!  Easy peasy!

We look forward to seeing everyone in the Fall!