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CSCC Voting & Civic Engagement

Check out CSCC's various Voter Registration Drives and our Voting Programs!

Sample Ballot

Make sure you double check your polling location before you head to vote on election day!  The last thing anyone wants to do is to stand in line only to find out you have to drive across town and stand in another line!  You can check your polling location here at the TN Secretary of State Elections page.

It's important to know what you're going to be voting on before you actually go in and vote.  Here is a sample ballot for Bradley County.  Take a look at it!  This will give you a chance to see which candidate you will be voting on and if there are going to be any other issues on the ballot.

You can also take in your sample ballot to your polling location to help you along.  

For all of you out there in Athens or other parts of McMinn County, here's a look at your sample ballot.

For all our CSCC members commuting from Hamilton County here is a generic Ballot for you.  You can also go to the Hamilton County Election Commission and download a ballot specific to you here.