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InfoPath (beta): Home

This is a self-paced information literacy tutorial with several modules that will help you navigate the world of information. It replaces our previous tutorial called SearchPath. We are currently in the beta trial of this tool.


You have found InfoPath, the library's information literacy tutorial!  Here you will find a self-guided introduction to the research process, from selecting a topic, developing a research strategy, evaluating sources, to citing and using sources ethically.  

We are currently in the beta trial version of this tool.  Your feedback is important to us.  Check back soon for links to feedback forms for students, instructors, and library staff!

Getting Started

This tutorial is divided into four separate modules, each based on a different aspect of the research process.  The tutorial is designed to be taken in sequential order, starting with the first module and proceeding until the end.  Each module includes:

  • a list of major concepts covered
  • detailed information on each concept
  • a videos and/or activies to reinforce skills
  • a quiz covering all major concepts

Navigating the tutorial

There are four main modules in the tutorial: Develop a Research Topic, Create a Research Strategy, Critically Evaluate Sources, and Cite and Use Sources Ethically.  There is a tab across the top of the page for each module, as well as a list to left of this box. 

Each section of the tutorial is divided into different sections, and each section is dedicated to a main concept.  Each section contains detailed information on the topic, as well as videos and activities to enhance your understanding of the concept.

In addition, the left column of each module contains a list of the main concepts, as well as links to the videos and activities.

Clicking on the "Home" tab will always bring you back to this page.

Please note

This tutorial is based upon Searchpath © by the Board of Trustees of Western Michigan University which incorporates material from TILT, a tutorial developed by the Digital Information Literacy Office for the University of Texas System Digital Library, © 1998-2004. This material may be reproduced, distributed, or incorporated only subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Searchpath Open Publication License.

Feedback Survey

Please give us feedback so we can make InfoPath even better!

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